Business Owners – Company Retirement Plan

By sponsoring a qualified retirement plan, you demonstrate concern for the long-term financial future of your employees and their families. SSF Financial helps plan sponsors and participants by:

  • Simplifying your plan’s investment management – reducing the fees paid by you, the plan or the participants
  • Reducing your exposure to legal liability by serving as an independent fiduciary. As a fiduciary, we also render investment advice to individual participants
  • Taking responsibility for the selection and monitoring of investment choices and ERISA compliance requirements if your plan allows participants to choose their own investments
  • Managing the plan’s investments to the extent that your plan does not allow participants to direct their own accounts

An Independent Fiduciary

As an independent consultant, SSF Financial is not burdened by the biases often held by firms who are affiliates of banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, money managers or mutual fund companies. Our diversified portfolios and investment policy statements are expertly constructed and maintained in fulfillment of our fiduciary duties.

They are not structured according to an inventory of proprietary or ‘in-house’ products.

Our compensation is derived purely from fully disclosed fees, not through product commissions or behind-the-scenes, undisclosed referral fees. SSF Financial receives no indirect fees from any source. All fees and expenses correspond to the services for which we are in contract with you. Our fees are reasonable and are entirely transparent.

Strategic Solutions

If your plan’s investments are participant-directed, SSF Financial does much more than provide a menu of separate mutual funds that participants can buy. We focus on customized, diversified, long-term investment solutions.

The portfolios designed and monitored by SSF Financial provide comprehensive, long-term investment strategies suitable for every type of participant, whether they are aggressive or conservative, newly hired or just reaching retirement age.

We systematically and consistently rebalance our diversified portfolios to maintain an equilibrium between performance targets and measured risk levels.

SSF Financial also assists you by developing the written policies and procedures for participant-directed investments and by offering opportunities to participants for more education about their choices and investment strategies. If your plans are not participant-directed, we work with you to:

  • Develop your plan’s Investment Policy Statement
  • Implement the plan’s investment policies
  • Modify the investment policies as appropriate
  • Actively manage the plans investments