The Key to Creating a Valuable Relationship with Your Investment Adviser

It is difficult to be knowledgeable and effective in everything we do. A very wise client once told me, “Do what you do best, and pay someone else to do the rest. “ That advice was true decades ago and I believe still rings true today. Accordingly, as investors, most of us seek the counsel [...]

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Sensiba San Filippo Financial Advisers Announces New Leadership Team

Sensiba San Filippo Financial Advisers appoints new Chief Compliance Officer and Investment Adviser for firm  San Mateo, Calif., January 17, 2017 – Sensiba San Filippo Financial Advisers, LLC (SSFFA) a Northern California-based financial planning and wealth management consulting firm, is pleased to announce newly appointed Chief Compliance Officer, Jason Tripp. Tripp will be joined by SSFFA [...]

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